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UnTyMe - 'Relic Edition'

‘UnTyMe’ is a collaborative world devised by musician HforSpirit and director Nick Hadfield.

Existing in the grey area between documentary and fiction, UnTyMe emerges from a body of research instigated by the filmmakers and carried out by a group of multi-disciplinary artists featured in the film.


An exploration of stories, symbols and devotional song & dance connected to Anglo-Celtic folklore lays the path for a participatory film where the line between performance and reality is blurred.


Spurred on by the prospect of filming a road trip to escape the increasingly banal reality closing in, the group undergo an unhinged awakening amongst the relics of rural rave culture.


To celebrate the multifaceted aspects of UnTyMe, a collection of various artefacts has been devised, as a holistic package and full embodiment of the project.

'Relic Edition' Contents

• Cast metal hair pin amulet
• Waxed wool, multi purpose pouch
• 7" transparent laser cut PETG record
• 48pp Zine on recycled paper
• Authentication card
• Digital download of UnTyMe (OST)

Edition of 13
Hand made and assembled in the UK

UnTyMe Zine

• 48pp
• 100% Uncoated recycled paper
• 200gsm stock

• Film stills, BTS & narrative text

Edition of 40
Printed in the UK

HforSpirit - UnTyMe (OST)

The music composed by HforSpirit (DAIS, Northern Electronics, Ecstatic) juxtaposes industrial sound design with shamanic drums and folk songs exploring collective identity in the time of Covid.

Many thanks to the array of special contributors in bringing this project to life


In no particular order:


Nick Hadfield

Salome Pressac

Jet Sweeney

Molly Martinez Hackney

Jonathan Castro

Ali Raybould

Edwin Bennett

Delphine Lejeune
Sam Mcdermott
Colette Dryburgh

Eleanor Jeffrey

Hayett Belarbi McCarthy

James Stevens

James Larter

Zoe Bedeaux

Dominic Dowbekin

Luke Gardner

Bitter Gold

George Wharton

Alexander Green

Nic Locke

Tony Cousins

Chris Hadfield

Tommy Holohan

Will Kennedy

Marine & Louis


Harry E Croyd

Hamish The Camper

Itch Film

Scarlett Anderson

Milo Belgrove

Olubiyi Thomas

Olivia Stewart

Chloe Frieda

Siti Haval

Elise Wallbridge

Nelta Kasparian


Mikey Opie O’Grady

Louis Morlet

Alex Gross

Ted Heffernan

William Francis Green


Zakia Sewell

Mark Leckey


Space Afrika

Sam Whitehouse

Louis Schulz

Lucy Hadfield

Totnes Climbers

Fraser Bennett

Michael Bourmier

Ed Bourmier

Calum MacDiarmid

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