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UnTyMe - Relic Edition

SKU: TG0016
  • TG0016
    UnTyMe - 'Relic Edition'

    The explorative, project ‘UnTyMe’ is a collaborative world devised by musician HforSpirit and director Nick Hadfield. The projects foundation is a music-led short film following a group of friends on a rave-escape to the hills, documented during the pandemic. Their pilgrimage to the post-industrial landmark and infamous “rave cave” of the ‘90s Skull Quarry, invites a ritual rebirth and a reunion with nature. 

    To celebraite the multifaceted aspects of UnTyMe, an assortment of various artefacts has been devised, to purchase as a holistic package and physical embodyment of the project.

    • Cast metal hair pin amulet
    • Waxed wool, multi purpose pouch
    • 7" transparent laser cut PETG record
    • 48pp Zine on recycled paper
    • Authentication card
    • Digital download of UnTyMe (OST)

    Nick Hadfield
    William Francis Green
    Olubiyi Thomas
    Jonathan Castro Alejos
    Delphine Lejeune
    Colette Dryburgh
    Sam McDermott

    Released via Toothgrinder Press.
    Edition of 13.


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