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No Red Roses For Me

  • Blue Shout Poetry & Toothgrinder Press
    'No Red Roses For Me'

    Featuring in order of appearance:

    Lucas Eveleigh
    Kate Menzies
    Vida Adamczewski
    Tom Wheatland
    Af Williams
    Felix Orlo
    Hope Sielaff
    Olivia Robbins
    Sophie Muir
    Elena Bradley
    Kaisa Saarinen
    Bramble Cecelia
    Daniel Crilly
    Sienna Bordello
    Paddy Hornby
    Lewie Magarshack
    Lloyd Bolton
    Anthony Lloyd Young
    Richard Kightley
    Ava Cowperthwaite
    Marta Zenka
    Will Smith
    Natalia Q
    Ned Green
    Angus Rogers

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