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Vida Adamczewski - 'Amphibian & Other Bodies'

Vida Adamczewski’s feverish and wildly inventive first collection brings together her award- winning lyric play AMPHIBIAN with eleven new short stories. Here, mothers and daughters crackle against each other, women meet themselves in abortion clinics, and a lawless chorus of giant seahorses narrate the end of the world. Visceral and urgent, these stories invite you to wallow in the swamp of your body.


100% Recycled paper

Printed in London, October 2023

Cover Photography by Jack Davison

Adamczewski’s stories are quiet and feral, her imagery thrilling, the voices troubling and funny. There is calmness here but there is also wild power- a writer to pay attention to.


This is an incredible collection of short stories: smart, surprising, fresh, strange and utterly unlike anything you’ve read before.


Vida Adamczewski is one to watch, her style is fresh, authentic and provocative, her storytelling is vivid, concise and compelling, Amphibian And Other Bodies blew me away, I loved it and highly recommend you read Vida now.


Amphibian and Other Bodies is a rare treasure. Dazzlingly inventive, alarming, and funny. Stories slip and slide between the human and the more-than-human; the real and the fantastical. Frogs nest in the damp curls of sun-drenched girls; slugs slime their eggs into the ears of sleeping dogs; giant seahorses tear themselves from human wombs. Adamczewski’s sentences shine and squelch: beautiful and alive.



Amphibian and Other Bodies extends through time and space violently. From the strangeness of the cellular, to the use of overpriced Ubers, to the endeavour of feminine endurance. Adamczewski writes a stark declaration of the body as harmonious yet discordant territory.


Vida Adamczewski has retained in her writing the molten perceptions and synaesthetic imagination of childhood, and with them she has crafted a collection of tales that are by turns strange, charming, uneasy, acidic - and always unique.


Fantastically uncanny eerie oozy tales of bodies, transformation, desire and becoming, which will seep into your thinking like slime or spawn and shift your perception, collapsing boundaries between inner and outer, health and unhealth, human and nonhuman. Adamczewski writes with precision and a distinctive vision which will leave you questioning ‘the difference between what is real and what is not real’. Adamczewski is undeniably one to watch.


A brilliant, bold, fleshy unfurling of a collection. I loved it.


Amphibian & Other Bodies
*Limited Edition Moss Bound Hardback*

Hand crafted in-house by Toothgrinder.
Matte finish bound hardback
Mock moss and organic cotton dust jacket

100% Recycled paper


Edition of 10

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